What is B4HD?

B4HD was created for gamers to read about the history of gaming. We’re hoping to create a little home on the internet for dusty old cartridges, cassette gaming and the occasional scratched disc too. B4HD stands simply for, Before HD, we hope to cover games from before the HD revolution of 2005 when home consoles became graphical powerhouse.

What can I find on B4HD?

You’ll be able to find plenty of retrospectives on older titles, there will be interviews with figureheads of the industry and we will dissect titles to find out why they are so engaging. There will be a few reviews here and there. Through our work with GOG.com we will review the titles available on their site and any remakes or re releases on current consoles and PC too.

Can I write for you?

Well, we’re always open to writers pitching work to us. If you fancy writing something about an old game or console then by all means drop an editor a line. Either Daniel@b4hd.com or Jen@b4hd.com