Typing can be fun, and at the same time, writing can be boring. Your facial expression can so much rely on the type of keyboard that you ate holding. In any way, who loves a dull experience? This is why technology introduced to us mechanical keyboards which have become more popular in recent years. They have a mechanical switch beneath every key. Their functionality qualities and aesthetic nature give you simply unique feelings your time on them.

Great mechanical keyboards give quite some performance enhancing advantages. This leaves you with no other option apart from acquiring one. However, there are a lot of mechanical keyboards in the market. How then do you determine the best mechanical keyboard?

There are some features that make the mechanical keyboard more effective and efficient:

1. Switches

Switches are one of the key elements of a mechanical keyboard that you can’t afford to ignore when you want to get the best. There are various switches in the market today, and each type gives users a different experience.

Depending on the purpose intended, one can determine the best mechanical key switch, as some are slower for gaming than others. Most use Cherry MX switches which contain various colors corresponding to different levels of sensitivity, tactlessness, and clickiness.

2. Customized experience

Mechanical keyboards have customization options that are different even beyond the type of key. The best mechanical keyboards contain swappable keycaps that let one change the keys at any given time. Programming keys are vital when determining the best mechanical keyboard.

Furthermore, special features such as dedicated macro keys and macro command customization are very useful, especially for gaming.

3. Quality

The best mechanical keyboards should be extremely durable. Some have a rating of millions of key presses. They should be easy to maintain. The keys should be in a position to pop off, and this makes it easy to keep them clean and pop back easily.

The best mechanical keyboard should let you easily replace bent scissor switches and lost keys so that you don’t have to repurchase the whole keyboard because of a single switch. Who loves unnecessary expenditures?

Check out this post by GameWire.org for an idea on what quality mechanical keyboards look like.

4. Key sounds

Most mechanical key switches produce sound. This can make them irritating especially when using around other people. In such cases, one can go for a specially designed keyboard that has silent switches. Corsair STRAFE happens to be the only mechanical keyboard in the market that has silent switches. In as much as they are not silent, they produce the least sounds compared to other mechanical keyboards.

5. Extra features

Some of the mechanical keyboards have extra features such as gaming key caps, audio or mic pass-through, and nice back lighting effects. All this improve users experience, and therefore they are always a nice plus.


People have different tastes and preferences. Choosing the best mechanical keyboard is, therefore, more of a personal decision. The issue of build quality is a common denominator for all users. Ultimately, everyone wants a keyboard that will make their fingers happy.